streaming live on twitch playing destiny


please check us out live on twitch already posted on my new page for those followers who havent added it yet. 

playing destiny

check out the link here please trying to get a sponsor for charities need more followers.


We may have a sponsor just need great people’s help like you


This is my other page but we can raise a lot for our charities we just need your help. All you have to do is follow our twitch page and the donations on our page are for our college. The sponsor donates to charities after every 100 followers 🙂

Gingersfordays and Keefard

I just put up this blog and had an interesting offer from a potential sponsor. For every 100 followers we get on twitch they will donate $50 to a charity of our liking. Immediately I asked if I could rotate who I want the donation to go to because we could earn a lot for multiple companies.

So if chosen my top five charities are:

  • salvation army
  • feeding america
  • american cancer society
  • st. jude children’s research hospital
  • make a wish foundation

So the more followers we get on twitch the more money raised for charity. I will also keep an up to date tally for you guys and gals on how much we have raised and what are followers total is so please add us on twitch

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my new page on wordpress


Hey everyone. I have a new page on WordPress and this one I will be staying active on because I have someone helping me. Please follow my new page. Every new follower I get I have teamed up with a few charities as well as earning money for school.

 The name is

My college fund


I’m hoping this gets passed around at least to everyone that either reads my blog or just wants to help out and share the word. I being a college student and full time employee and wont be receiving any help from the fafsa this coming year am making a fund for college and am hoping that some generous people will help. My link is on

I hope you like my story and would like to donate thank you.

Tragedy in my family


I just got news a few days ago that there was a fire in my brother’s apartment and he lives in a completely different state than my parents and I. We have heard that he has third degree burns all over his face, neck, and hands. He will essentially have to do physical therapy more than likely as well as the cost of medical bills and redoing the apartment from the damage. We are not sure how much will come of this but we have started a fund to help him out.

If anyone who visits my page would like to help us out that would be amazing no amount is too small everything helps us out at this point getting him back on his feet. The link to our fund is

Thank you to everyone for reading this and taking the time for it.

I’m back…


I have been gone for about 8 months now so I will try to fill you all in on what has happened at least the very good points.

I got a new apartment in December which I am still in today. I absolutely love my place and every month it gets nicer and nicer. As far as my place up to date I have purchased a new queen size bed since I have had my own since August of 2013. I have a new flat screen TV which I haven’t had one since like 2010. I also purchased an amazing dining room table with six chairs and a bench. I have been working hard to make my place look more like a home and it is really nice knowing what I am working towards. As you can see I also got internet about a week ago so I will be attempting to write at least once a week from now on.

In February I was hired in full time at the job I was already working at since May of 2013. I love my job just dealing with coworkers sometimes gets to me but in the end it will all be worth it when I get to where I am going.

My dating life is well great. I don’t even know how to put it in words I have learned so much about myself and my problems the past couple months and I have grown in so many ways. I used to be such and angry person with no idea how to control my thoughts or feelings and I am learning so many ways to better myself it’s very nice.

I am as of August 25th going to school for 10 credit hours for the fall semester. I will be super busy between school, work, housework, and other things I won’t be on much but now that I have internet I would like to try to write once a week.

what i am going through


I haven’t been on in a while mainly because I am looking for a part time job to go along with my full time one and moving as well as trying to figure out how to pay for everything. Sorry to those I have not wrote back to but I will try to be more consistent.